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Originally Posted by Cat Thief
Let me try and make along story short. My friend and I ordered 4 tickets for a 13 game plan. I screwed up by ordering bleachers for the Sun game and I got stuck with next available which is uppder deck box. She was going to take her dad for Father's Day. He is elderly and she is not interested in dragging him up there. I sent out a couple of emails to the Sox, and they were going to change the tickets but, now they say that there is nothing available for Sun downstairs. They are willing to exchange the tickets for Fri or Sat but unfortunately she works those days so she can't use them.

I feel like crap about this. I was wondering if anyone had 2 seats, (anywhere)for the Sun game that they would like to sell. If not, I will have to get ripped off at Stub Hub.

They do have escalators and elevators at the park. Depending on what row your seats are in, you can get security to sit you guys in the handicapped seats(right at front row).
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