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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
When Hawk and Stone are eventually replaced, I'm sure a lot of people with have just as many complaints about their replacements.
If there's one thing sports fans like to do, it's bitch and moan about who's announcing the game.

You aren't going to find too many announcers who everybody is on the same page with (if any). People are going to like certain styles of calling a game, while others will be rubbed the wrong way with how someone calls a game. That's the way it is, and that is the way it will always be. Growing up in Cincinnati, there are plenty of people who do not like the way Marty Brennaman calls a game, and he's in the damn Hall of Fame for crying out loud. Hawk may never sniff the Hall of Fame, but while his polarizing nature may be more acute than with most broadcasters, he isn't any different than anybody else. Some people love him, some people hate him. Just like the other 30+ TV play-by-play guys in MLB.

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