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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post

Important dates:

Opening Day - March 31 - Sox host Twins
2&2 Cubs series again this year - May 5-6 at Wrigley, May 7-8 at Sox Park
Back-to-back Series in Los Angeles June 2-9, 3 vs. LAD, 3 vs. LAA
All-Star Game July 15
Season ends Sept. 28 at home vs. Kansas City

Interleague home: Arizona May 9-11, Padres May 30-June 1, Giants June 17-18
Interleague road: Rockies April 7-9, Dodgers June 2-4
I can't imagine that the Sox or Cubs are happy about the dates for the crosstown series this year. This is by far the earliest it has ever taken place. Both teams are going to be coming off last place seasons, the games take place mid week, the weather will likely be chilly, and kids are still in school. I think attendance for this series is going to fall lower still in 2014. These games should be played on a weekend in June or July like they used to.
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