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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Just going by what I read. He plays 3 positions, but isn't good at any. I do agree that he's the type of hitter the team can use. 3 years is just excessive. Apparently they approached Chavez, but he didn't want to play here. Which makes me dislike the deal less.
I know it doesn't mean much, but his career fielding percentages at 2b, 3b, SS and 1b are all above league average while his range factors are on the low side of average. Seems solid to me, but you can't really draw a definitive conclusion from those stats. His ratings at third base last year were all well above average, the first time he played more than a dozen games at the position. At worst, he seems like he would make a very strong utility player, and his contract to me is well within in the range for a strong utility player these days.
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