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Is it really any worse for baseball than any other sport with the exception of the Superbowl? Once the Bulls, Blackhawks, or Sox are out of it, I pretty much tune out. Yeah if there is a great story as in if the Orioles had made it this year, I'll tune in, but my interest will still be pretty low.

And really, a large majority of people watching the Superbowl who aren't fans of one of the teams are just watching it because of peripheral things.

Maybe the MLB needs to have some over-the-hill performer do a 10 minute medley of their hits during the seventh inning stretch each game. And have really funny commercials. That'll do it.

Really the only championship I'll watch with a lot of interest without my favorite team involved is the NCAA basketball championship. I don't know why that and not the others. Maybe because I don't really have a favorite college team since I went to Western Illinois University who doesn't appear in any major championships.
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