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Default Funny past prospect rankings

I came across this page on BaseballAmerica that shows their top 100 prospects lists from each year going back to 1990. It's pretty funny to go back and look at where people from the Sox were ranked and see who was similarly thought of at that time.

Here are some good ones:

84. Tanner Scheppers, rhp, Rangers
85. Brent Morel, 3b/ss, White Sox
86. Craig Kimbrel, rhp, Braves
I think some were underestimating Kimbrel's arm.

43. Joey Votto, 1b, Reds
44. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
45. Josh Fields, 3b, White Sox

72. Gio Gonzalez, lhp, White Sox
73. Philip Humber, rhp, Mets

49. Ryan Braun, 3b, Brewers
50. Andrew McCutchen, of, Pirates
51. Brian Anderson, of, White Sox
Yeah, I wish.

36. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
37. Ben Christensen, rhp, Cubs
38. Jack Cust, of/1b, Diamondbacks
39. Bud Smith, lhp, Cardinals
40. Jacob Peavy, rhp, Padres
41. Adam Johnson, rhp, Twins
42. Albert Pujols, 3b, Cardinals
43. Aubrey Huff, 3b, Devil Rays
44. Matt Ginter, rhp, White Sox
This whole section cracks me up. The Crede-Pujols-Huff proximity and the Peavy-Ginter one too are just great.

63. Aaron Myette, rhp, White Sox
64. Adam Eaton, rhp, Padres
65. Ben Sheets, rhp, Brewers
If Myette could have been Adam Eaton, that would have been nice. If he had been Ben Sheets, whoa.

56. Magglio Ordonez, of, White Sox
57. Julio Ramirez, of, Marlins
Maybe this list was why Jerry Manuel insisted on playing him over and over at the start of 2001--he was supposed to be as good as Ordonez.

6. Alex Rodriguez, ss, Mariners
7. Manny Ramirez, of, Indians
8. James Baldwin, rhp, White Sox

29. Frank Thomas, 1b, White Sox
30. Tom Goodwin, of, Dodgers
31. Bob Hamelin, 1b, Royals
Yes indeed, Bob Hamelin was just a poor man's Frank Thomas.
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