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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
What does Collins have left to prove at AAA? We know he can hit AAA pitching. The Sox need to find out if he can hit MLB pitching. Only MLB at-bats will let the Sox find that out.
I mean, we know he hit AAA pitching with juiced balls this year. He really wasn't that good in previous seasons in the minors.

The Astros called up Kyle Tucker last year and he sucked, so they sent him back to AAA the following year, and same with the Padres and Luis Urias last year. And those are FAR more talented players.

There should not be ABs for players next year, not named Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal or Eloy Jimenez, that are for young players to figure out MLB pitching. He can come up if there is an injury and or if he's hitting well again in AAA and there's a spot. Next year's team should not be punting ABs anymore, the team should be good enough to compete for a WC spot or the division.
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