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Originally Posted by BRDSR View Post
I don’t think we want Rendon unless he comes cheap for some reason. Moncada/Anderson/Madrigal mean we don’t need to overspend on an infielder.

The same is not true of starting pitching. I will be downright upset if the Sox don’t land Cole for whatever it takes. Frontload it if possible so that it lessens the impact on the payroll in the 2023-2025 timeframe. 2020 is the year for the Sox to start building a playoff contending team, and maybe finish building a World Series contending team for the 2022-2024 time frame. They have the payroll flexibility. If they don’t make one major free agent move this offseason and one next, then the organization is not committed to this rebuild. Plain and simple. And Cole is the only major free agent that makes sense this offseason, with Bumgarner a potentially acceptable consolation prize.

If the Sox get neither...I stop buying the platitudes of the front office. And I think I’ve been patient and supportive thusfar.
The thing about FA is that the player has to want to sign somewhere too, for all we know Cole might only be considering the NYY and LAA. Signing a pitcher for whatever it takes has a lot of risks involved, especially one that will be 30+ for the vast majority of the contract. I'll be upset if he signs somewhere for only 6 years and has given the Sox at least the time of day during negotiations.

Bumgarner would fit nicely on the Sox, but also he might not have any plans of leaving SF, or wants to be closer to home and go to ATL.

At the end of the day, Odorizzi might be someone the Sox should seriously consider as a legit fallback plan. He's had 5 solid seasons and one "meh" season, all in the AL too. He's pitched very well this season also with the most K's ever for him, even with the juiced balls and a half run more scored across the game. He will likely have the same impact as a Bumgarner would in a 4ish year deal. Though, Bumgarner does have a tremendous postseason history and has pitched more innings than him.

Trade candidates to target? Not many actually that would be even available. Syndergaard stands out as a better option than Odorizzi, but has only 2 years of control and would cost a lot to acquire. There just aren't SP that will be available via trade, outside of giving up Robert in a deal for Luis Castillo or someone.
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