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Originally Posted by JohnTucker0814 View Post
Stats aren't the only thing you can look at, but for people that can't watch him in person, stats are the main thing we look at. I don't really care if the umpire sucks, the hitters are ****ty, or whatever... if a pitcher puts up consistent solid above average numbers, then I'm gonna assume he's a pretty above average talent.
Your assumption is usually wrong, if you expect "pretty above average talent" to equate to major league success.

I pretty much only commented because I disagree with people who think this numbers mean Hudson is a future star. I want to hear what people whose judgment I trust say about a minor league pitcher before I get excited about what he could do for my team.

And I would be concerned if he is only pitching 5.2 innings in a start. There might be an explanation, but that to me stands out more than the strikeouts.

However, I am happy when I see a minor league pitcher in the Sox system who doesn't have terrible numbers. I've seen guys in Class A ball who average 2-point-something strikeouts per inning but have ERAs over 8.
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