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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
You might be able to get something for Konerko and Peavy at the deadline (though Konerko would have to approve a trade obviously). I think that unless Rios and Dunn are playing out of their minds and a team like the Yankees or Dodgers is desperate for them, they are cost prohibitive. The White Sox are kind of stuck in a holding position and what I would like to see them do is to continue to have good drafts and actually develop young talent rather than being forced to overpay for rather mediocre players on the free agent market. If the money saved by letting Konerko, Peavy, Dunn and Rios is spent wisely on the draft and international free agents then maybe by 2015 you can have a nice young core of players you can build around similar to "The Kids Can Play."
Did the ship sink before the season even started? Under your theory if the Angels go into the tank they couldn't get much for inflated contracts of Weaver,Hamilton,Wilson,and Albert. All the Sox need is another solid left handed hitter and there good to go. Also Peavy if traded would be very attractive to another team being signed to only a 2 year contact.