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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
And he keeps attacking hitters with that fastball and getting guys out. 336 innings of 3.6 era and 7.4 k/9 with average secondary pitches. He has the entire AL fooled I guess. Thank god Munch is on the case.
You're abandoning logic for numbers at face value without any analysis. And you're attaching names to what he's doing that have definitions that don't match up. He's not a power pitcher. Look it up. The prototype is Nolan Ryan. That's insulting to insinuate. And he's not a fireballer. Look the definition up. He's not all high speed fastballs. It's been brought up in the thread he throws fastballs (THREE KINDS, varying in velcoity from as low as 83 on the cutter) at a league average rate, especially when you consider he uses two of them as off-speed offerings and not fastballs at all. You can't count them all as fastballs when his change is faster. Well, you can, but that's why I don't have a problem saying you're way off base. Dudes a deception artist, with multiple pitches and a hidden delivery.
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