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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Less than half a season worth of starts, many of which are first time through lineups, is the sample size you're arguing for a guy with essentially two pitches, one being a straight fastball he has trouble locating and the other a trick pitch screwball that isn't even plus. Hitters just haven't seen one in a while, unless he improves it they're going to catch on.

If you wanted to make a case that one of our young guys would be more than a back end rotation guy, you're picking the wrong kid.

Before someone chimes in about his sinker/splitter whatever that is or the occassional cutter, he barely throws it and it's garbage.
He has 170 career innings. It isn't his first time around the league. But let me get this straight. Samardjiza has far better stuff, way better command, is basically unhittable, all Santiago has is a straight fastball and a garbage pitch. Explain to me how Santiago allows fewer baserunners, a lower batting average against, a lower ERA and a higher K rate all while pitching in the AL.