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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Or, you know, it could come from the fact that Samardzija was a first round pick, throws harder, has better control, and has better command. He has a four seam fastball he can place anywhere and is one of the few guys to get rise out of it. He has two breaking pitches, a slider and a splitter, that are both plus pitches that have a dramatic velocity differential from his fastballs. He can throw both for a strike or get people to chase them out of the zone pretty much at will. And he throws a cutter around the same speed than Santiago throws straight four seamers.

Knock this nonsense off. I don't dislike Santiago, but dude isn't a top pitcher. Calling into question my loyalties because I won't look at things with rose colored glasses is pathetic. Santiago isn't Samardzija, or even close to it.
If he can put the ball anywhere, why is his ERA 3.91 this year and 4.05 for his career? Why does where someone is drafted trump actual results?