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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
When Samardzija was Santiago's age, he wasn't any more successful than Santiago. I have a feeling you would think a lot more of Hector if he were a Cub or a Tiger. Then his k rate, batting average against, ERA, would all come into play, but because he is a White Sox, for some reason you have to let everyone know he will fail.
Or, you know, it could come from the fact that Samardzija was a first round pick, throws harder, has better control, and has better command. He has a four seam fastball he can place anywhere and is one of the few guys to get rise out of it. He has two breaking pitches, a slider and a splitter, that are both plus pitches that have a dramatic velocity differential from his fastballs. He can throw both for a strike or get people to chase them out of the zone pretty much at will. And he throws a cutter around the same speed than Santiago throws straight four seamers.

Knock this nonsense off. I don't dislike Santiago, but dude isn't a top pitcher. Calling into question my loyalties because I won't look at things with rose colored glasses is pathetic. Santiago isn't Samardzija, or even close to it.