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I think maybe doublem's account got hacked by an angry cousin of Chris Rongey (or maybe Don Cooper). We bow before you, oh grand organizational-apologist-and-defender-with-an-in-your-face-attitude. Don't even think about questioning anything even the smallest amount or dare to gently toss in an outside-the-box idea for discussion in his midst, because he'll spend the next 3 pages repeating the same thing over and over in an attempt to tear you to shreds and made you feel dumb. Good grief.

Unless it has to do with Adam Dunn and cutting down on strikeouts, because then he'll agree with you.

Basically, this whole thing comes down to someone wondering if Danks will still be as good as he used to be when he comes back from a shoulder injury. Is that such a terrible thing to wonder on an internet message board?

If the Sox want Danks to start right away, I'm going to guess that Cooper has a pretty big say in that decision, so by arguing you think it'd be better for him to start in the bullpen (I'm guessing you've closely monitored his rehab in person) you are clearly demonstrating that you think, in this instance, you would be a better pitching coach than Coop.

I will call bull.
For someone so certain about everything, you sure seem to be guessing a lot.
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