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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Those guys also won a World Series so, you know...
So...what? They must be infallible? They must always make the right moves? Don't leave us hanging. I'm dying to know.

And by your logic, these inside guys (Cooper, Ventura, Hahn, Guillen, Williams, etc.) have all the information and experience, and thus can't be wrong. Because all Frater was suggesting was an alternative to their approach, and you've deemed that ridiculous. Apparently there is no second-guessing these guys. And obviously they've earned that since, with all the information and their experience they've won the World Series how many times since '05? Well at least they've made it to the World wait...the, the playoffs. Yeah, they've made it to the playoffs...once.

C'mon, Doub. Are you just arguing to argue, or do you really believe your opinion is better than someone else's even though they're both just opinions?
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