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Originally Posted by hellview View Post
Wow they spent a little on Danks and Upchurch...still doesn't change that year after year the Sox pinch pennies when it comes to the draft. They spent 4.6 million this year which sucks cause Beckham signed for around 3 million. They spent 2.7 million in 2007, which is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

There's a direct coralation between teams that go over slot and top farm systems. Boston, Yankees, San Fran, Nationals, KC and TB all spend and all have very good or coming up farm systems.
The Nationals have an abysmal farm system. KC doesn't have that great of a system either. San Francisco is boosted by a good deal of foreign guys. We obviously don't have the resources of Boston and NY, so I'm not sure why they were included.

If you want to complain about aspects of our farm system, our drafting philosophy the last two seasons shouldn't rate very close to the top.
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