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Default I wanna talk about the AL East

Jim Bowden had an article up today about the AL East saying it was essentially anybody's division to take.

I think the most interesting thing to look at this year is how the whole division seems to have turned upside down. It's entirely possible (maybe even likely) that the Yankees and Red Sox have to duke it out for last place. The Red Sox are relying on guys like Ryan Dempster and John Lackey in their rotation and the Yanks lost tons of offense with Arod's hip injury, Swisher departing, and Russell Martin saying bye (and worse options at catcher than even we're toting). They have no power in their corner outfield (Ichiro and Gardner) and a ton of injury prone guys they're counting on for big years (Texiera, Youk, Granderson). I can't remember the last time the Yanks were this vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Tampa is still throwing out some of the best prospects and second year guys in baseball every year, and Baltimore seems primed to follow that exact path. And Toronto....we all know how much they've improved this offseason. Should be a tremendous race out east.
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