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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post

Disco Demolition is a symbol of one thing: During the '70's White Sox ownership had no resources to run a major league baseball franchise. So, they tried a promotion to get people in the park and it truly blew up in their faces. It was the low point in Bill Veeck's career and the low point in a decade where the team had seven losing seasons and two last-place finishes.
I think there were a number of somewhat embarrassing instances for this franchise from the late 60's into the 70's.

Playing "home" games at County Stadium in Milwaukee
Inability to find a legit radio station to broadcast games in 1971 (ended up on a small AM station out of LaGrange)
Disco Demolition

But one that I really remember was in 1979/80 Comiskey Park hosted one of the "World Series of Rock" type concerts (all day, 4-5 bands)- it rained throughout the concert- so pretty much destroyed the field. For their next home game- at least half the outfield was just dirt/sand- NO grass. I can remember Claudell Washington standing out in RF with not a single blade of grass in sight- for me, that was more embarrassing than a promotion that got out of hand.
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