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Originally Posted by 34rancher View Post
Well in all fairness, all of his teams have usually be 7-8 games back on June 1st in his career. He's used to losing. Never been on a 500 or better team in his career. ANd the 0-38 against lefties is abysmal.
Don't confuse us with the facts.

The truth is that Dunn is going to play better than he has. The truth also is that it was an overpay to begin with and he will not be worth that contract and it will go down in Sox history as a bad ill-advised deal.

He is just not a very good baseball player and even if he were hitting .250 with 12 home runs right now he wouldn't be worth a 4 yr. $ 56 mil deal. I argued at the time that the Sox couldn't possibly pay him more than Konerko when Paulie is clearly a better baseball player and I always got the same argument back - You're crazy Dunn can hit 40 home runs.

You know what, Dunn might end up this season with 40 home runs but he's still a bad baseball player and no way is he close to being Paul Konerko. He's just not worth a lot of money. He's not a difference maker - never has been and never will be. There's just far too many things lacking in his approach to the game as well as many babseball skills that he does not possess - clutch hitting being a glaring one.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Sox also, in addition to the fortune of cash, also gave up a first round draft pick for this ? This deal and the Peavy deal are undoubtedly the 2 worst in the 40 years that I've been following the Sox. Past that I'm not sure.

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