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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I agree with you that trades are not a cure-all for a lousy team. But I don't know if any quality free agents will come to a team that lost 99 games. Players are money-driven but winning is still important to them. And I don't see the White Sox getting into a bidding war at the moment.
Players chose money. There is no salary cap in baseball, players can get every dime they feel they are worth on the free agent market in this sport. Maybe in the NBA or NFL you will see veteran players signing relatively cheap deals with winning teams to try and win a ring, but that's because the caps in those leagues make it so their worth is artificially deflated.

For example, Ivan Rodriguez was arguably one of the premier FA during the 2003-2004 off-season. He chose to sign with the Tigers, who were coming off a 43-119 record because they gave him the most cash. He chose the historically bad Tigers over several other suitors, including the Cubs, who at one point where only 5 outs away from the World Series.

Money talks.

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