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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
As in, "Wow, that is completely right." Because it is.

I know a bunch of us like to join conversations like this to throw out the old "I guess I'm the type who comes to watch a game and doesn't need a state of the art scoreboard" statements. Yes, we *here* all are.

But the point is causal, non-lunatic fans like us so not feel this way. They *do* care what the park is like, whether the ushers smile, and stuff like that. It makes the trip pleasant and worth the money for them, and encourages them to come again.
So the Sox are a second class team because of the size of their video board. That is classic.

The good news was for a little while they had the biggest video board in the league. So they were first class, and you know what, it didn't exactly cause the turnstiles to break from overuse. Please explain.

People don't go to games because of the size of the video board. Just check 8 miles north of USCF.
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