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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I highly doubt they are showcasing Danks. He had a wrist injury during the latter half of the season and missed a significant amount of games. This is him getting some work in.

Defensively he could play in the bigs right now. His bat likely needs some work. Most scouts/reports have him projected as a solid regular but not a star. He hasn't shown the power that he was projected to have and many think it won't come. They see him as a solid defender who will hit for average, walk some, and steal some bases. He isn't going to be an ideal leadoff type unless he cuts down on the K's though.

Ryan Sweeney is a comp I've seen thrown around alot.
Pretty much hit the nail on the head, the kid is Sweeney with a little more speed. The power was never there, he never showed it in College either. He will be alright, but unless he can cut down the Ks and increase his OBP he won't be a starter in the pros. No reason to write him off but people expecting him to make an impact next year are out of their minds.
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