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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
One can not be happy with the state of the team and still not feel the fans are owed and explanation by ownership. Some of the things will become self-evident as the summer plays out anyway as players are traded away and the Sox make other decisions.

Ownership owes the fans a decent chance at the playoffs. Mostly that is done by keeping the payroll at an acceptable level and not going totally cheap. Sometimes those financial decisions don't work out. When that happens the team flounders as the Sox are this year.

Post end of window teams often see this kind of thing happen. That's where the Sox are. They never managed to get back over the hump with the current core.

That's the explanation for the current status of the Sox. It's really fairly self-evident, IMO. The rest is simply emotions. No one is happy with how bad the Sox are, but JR stepping to the mic and saying so and giving a breakdown of why it happened isn't going to change that.

I am sure there are many factors for what direction the team will take later this year, into he off season and for the years to come thereafter. I doubt the Sox have a fully formed plan for how to turn this around. Too many factors have to play out yet.
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I know when I wrote my OP I was speaking from the heart but the silence form the front office has been deafening. I still feel someone needs to speak up and tell us what the plans are for the franchise. Even before this season started most of us were scratching our head when we brought only one new player to the roster in the name of Jeff Keppinger. I was wondering right there, what's the deal for the season, did they really think that adding Kepp was the difference in over-taking the Tigers.
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