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Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
I'm going to belabor this, mea culpa.

If you give Viciedo another 100 PAs to match heyward last year he's at .255/30/92 or so .... And PK and Dunn aren't stretching bases for runs in front of him.

But my point was more about Heyward being flavor of the month and now settling into good ball player-ville.

Not the next Willie Mays.
And Viciedo still lags behind Heyward greatly in OPS. In the minors, Viciedo's career OPS was .780 and Heyward .900, and Heyward mostly was younger than Viciedo. There's really no comparison between the two of them. I don't remember anyone ever comparing Heyward to Willie Mays, nor calling him the flavor of the month, just one of the top prospects in baseball who is now a very good, young player. Last season at 23 Viciedo put up an OPS+ of 96, Heyward 116 at 22; career-wise, their OPS+ are 97 for Viciedo and 116 for Heyward (to say anything of WAR, where Heyward also dwarfs Viciedo). There's not much to compare between the two and all of the above is solely on the offensive side (besides WAR). Heyward is also the much better player defensively.
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