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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Oddly, the Sale bobblehead is a Saturday night game against the Yankees. That just doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint to me, but I am sure I don't understand all of the specifics.
Based on dynamic pricing it makes perfect sense to the Sox. They would rather sell 1 ticket for $60 than 50 tickets for $25 each. This way they have a huge potential for a box office boom for the incredible walk up crowd they have been expecting since the new park opened. The next Gordon Beckham might be called up the day before this game. If that happens, JACKPOT!!! The Sox sell at least 500 tickets that they had not previously expected to sell.

The Sox do not use their promotions properly like the Giants . All you have to do is look at the Giants model for promotions and learn. They have their fans buying anything and everything. The Giants cross promote ethnic nights (more than just playing music), local fire and police department, promote their own and players personal charities, etc.

The Brewers do a pretty good job as well, and they are a much smaller market. They make it work.

I hate to say it but even the Cubs seem to be learning. They have a very interesting promo schedule this season including 9 bobblehead dates. Their bobbleheads include Gale Sayers, Red Grange and a Babe Ruth called shot piece. Do you think Sox fans would buy tickets for an AJ Pierzynski-Josh Paul dual, dropped third strike bobblehead?

The Sox arrived late to the party with the racing mascots, following the likes of the Brewers sausages, the Nationals presidents, the Pirates pierogis, among others. Now its time to to expand on the idea that they took from the other teams. No one is asking them to be innovators. Just be smart about your promotions. Give away a Carlton Fisk racing mascot this season. Then guess what? Next season you can make a Baines racing mascot. Amazingly the kids who already have the Fisk are going to want to go get the Baines one too for their set. This is ticket sales 101.

The Sox have no problem taking Steve Dahl's money for his scout seats every season. How about honoring the guy with a bobblehead? Think might sell you some tickets? How about honoring the 2005 team, or continue with the 1983 team with a bobblehead? How about some White Sox legends as a bobblehead? Do you think a Bill Veeck bobblehead would sell tickets? Andy the Clown? Mayor Daley in a Sox jersey and cap? THe ideas are limitless. The Sox wear old school jerseys on Sundays, but that doesn't sell tickets. Why not give away a Dick Allen or Wilbur Wood bobblehead? That might actually sell you some tickets.

This is more of a rant than an idea, because the White Sox as a whole, would rather complain to the media about the Sox fans not supporting the team than doing something about it.
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