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Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
I don't believe Holmberg is injured he threw 6 shutout innings 3 days ago in Rookie Ball. Huge loss with Morel this will hurt his defense.
How will it hurt his defense? It's in his left shoulder.

There are different types of labrum tears with varying degrees of severity, and to his non throwing shoulder, it shouldn't get worse. If they are letting him continue to play it is probably just a partial tear or fraying. If he has surgury it will probably be a small arthroscpoic procedure that he can fully recover from in two months. So there is no real reason to shut him down.

I guarantee every pitcher in baseball at least has some fraying on the labrum.

I've had a partial tear in my left labrum for ten years. I'm obviously not a professional athlete, but it hasn't stopped me from lifting weights, running, swimming, or playing any recreational sports.
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