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Default Where do you draw the line on corporate sponsorship?

My sense is that WSI is a bit more conservative on baseball traditionalism than most other fansites. But I know we have a few radicals out there. This might be a fun little exercise to do in the offseason.

I'll list some potential corporate sponsorship ideas, and label them A through whatever. Some of these are actually happening in baseball right now, some are happening in other sports, and some of them I just plain made up. Tell me what's the highest letter you're comfortable with and why.

A: Advertising signs at stadiums

B: Purchase of stadium naming rights

C: One corporate logo on the uniform

D: Multiple corporate logos on the uniform (soccer-style)

E: Many corporate logos on the uniform (auto racing-style)

G: Player names on jerseys are partially replaced by corporate names. For example, Comcast sponsors the White Sox to promote its triple play package of Cable, Internet, and Phone. Each game, three White Sox players do not have their name on the back of their jerseys. These are players being honored for something they did last game: a player who made a good offensive play wears "INTERNET" on the back of their jersey, because they connected on that pitch. A player who made a good defensive play wears "CABLE" on the back of their jersey. And a player who came in out of the bullpen and pitched well wears "PHONE".

H: Sponsors change something major about the ballpark tradition. E.g., AT&T sponsors the White Sox, and during the 7th Inning Stretch "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is replaced by Gene Honda's voice encouraging everyone in the stadium to take out their cell phone, call their mom, and tell her where they currently are.

I: Corporate name added to the team name, such as "Chicago White Sox Presented by BankOne"

J: Corporate name replaces city name. E.g., "Nippon Ham White Sox"

K: Corporate name replaces team name. E.g., "US Cellular Cellphones"
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