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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
An ERA pushing 5.00 would be a sure-fire ticket out of a starting rotation in those days. Nowadays, guys like that take the ball every fifth day with some frequency.
I completely understand and agree. But there are lots of things that go into a pitcherís ERA that are outside of his control, some of which have to do with how the game is played, which is at least partially connected to the quality of the players.

Pitchers then werenít routinely throwing 95 MPH; hitters werenít attempting to crush the ball but rather put it into play - with some degree of bat control - ideally toward the opponentís weakest fielder or between fielders, or specifically toward a general area of the field to advance or score a base runner. Fewer runs were scored, which meant ERAs were lower.

I think weíre in agreement that, when comparing players from different eras, even WAR hasnít yet been perfected.
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