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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
The reason is because the floor for “replacement level” was much higher back then than it is nowadays. The difference between 16 and 30 teams, between 4 and 5-man rotations, and the addition of the DH created a situation where most teams’ #3 starters today wouldn’t have even sniffed the majors in the 1950s, and those guys don’t even represent today’s zero-WAR floor.
At the risk of opening a massive can of worms, I’ll just say that I don’t buy that a “replacement level player” from the 1950s would be better than such a player today. The US population is much larger. MLB draws from a global talent pool. Year-round training, modern medicine and kinesiology, and diet, mean that today’s players are much more finely-tuned and well-informed about how to improve their games. Technology, math, science, and sabermetrics have revolutionized how players train, practice, and prepare. As a result, the level of competition is so much higher now.
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