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After the past two offseasons, I can only guess that reliever contracts must derive their values on something other than WAR and usage rates.

Look at a guy like Kenley Jansen. Last year, he was basically the Platonic ideal for an MLB closer, and his WAR was still only 3.0 despite his dominance. Meanwhile, Fernando Rodney gave the Diamondbacks 0.4 WAR last year. When I watch the two players, I canít wrap my head around the fact that Jansen is only 2.6 wins better than Rodney.

Even 9th-inning mastermind Mariano Rivera maxed-out with a 5.0 WAR in 1996, when he was setup man for John Wetteland. A major reason he reached that lofty level was because he had a 107-inning workload that year, a marked increase from his typical 60-70 innings per season when he later ascended to the closerís role.

The incremental WAR gains between elite guys like Jansen and average guys like Rodney seem to defy the multimillion-dollar differences in their salaries. Teams must be using something else to place value on these guys.
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