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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
If you're going by "needs to be on the team" it's a short list, but I don't think the sox are going to replace 22 players.

Should stay- Semien, L Garcia, Beckham, Gillaspie, A Garcia, Viciedo, Jordan Danks, Sale, Quintana, Santiago, Johnson, Reed, Jones

Should go- Konerko(sorry Pauly), Dunn, Keppinger, John Danks, Flowers (keep at AAA as emergency call up at maximum), Axelrod(he'd look good in a Newark Bears uni)

On the fence - Ramirez(I don't think the Sox need to dump his salary per se, depends what who can be acquired), DeAza (maybe should stay as 4th OFer due to his relatively strong left handed bat), Phegley (he hasn't exactly impressed, but "he looks like a ballplayer" to me, maybe he can develop as a backup), the other bullpen arms.
Danks and Keppinger can't be moved. Dunn might have value at the deadline and is still one of the most productive players on the team. ADA probably has real value. You don't make him a 4th OF. If you don't want him, you move him. Ramirez and Beckham can go. Beckham is terrible and Ramirez won't be here next time we compete anyway. I still like Flowers more than Phegley, but both are probably garbage. I agree on everyone else.

If it was me, I'd move Ramirez and Beckham and see what you have with Semien and Garcia. I'm into total rebuild mode though. I'd even entertain deals for Sale and Quintana. If I'm overwhelmed, they're gone.

Originally Posted by shoota
I'm not counting this homerun or his 3 RBI from today's game because of the game situation. I'm not counting his pinch hit solo homerun in a blowout win in Colorado. In my book, Crede has 2 less home runs than his statistics show, 4 less RBI, and one less walk (the one where he pinch hit for Uribe after coming in with a 3-0 count and taking one pitch).
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