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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oakland maybe, but their GM has a philsophy of always playing for the next few years down the road, so unless the best 3 pitchers in the league simultaneously fall in his lap again, I'm not holding my breath.

The Royals and Pirates, for as "great" as their farm system is, only develop a handful of good MLB players. Between the two, over the last few years, we have Zack Greinke (looking like, perhaps, a flash in the pan) and Andrew McCutchen. Wowzers.
I am not too sure about KC, but for years Pittsburgh's farm system was always considered to be a joke with the prime example being taken a guy who was considered to be a great hitter (I think it was John Van Benschoten) and turning him into a pitcher. Their new GM (who took over in 2007 or 2008) is supposedly putting more emphasis on their farm system and has taken guys like Pedro Alvarez, so for as down as they have been they are just starting to put an emphasis on their farm system.

As for the Royals right now they are supposed to have the best farm system in all of baseball and going for "Project 2012" where they have a bunch of good young homegrown guys but before even with the likes of Greinke (who I would hardly call a flash in the pan, I think he's a very good pitcher pitching for a very bad team) their farm system was never considered too great. They would have the occasional guy like Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran (even Angel Berrora was at one point considered a great prospect) but I don't THINK people were ever drooling over their farm system and suggesting that they had the model one.

Just from what I've read of farm systems (and it is admittedly not much, there are people here who know a lot more about it than me) the farm systems that seem to get the most praises are ones like Minnesota, obviously, and then Boston.

Go Sox!!!
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