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I cheated and just went to Wikipedia. What a list of great picks and guys who never were.

1977 - Harold Baines. One of my favorite Sox ever.

1997 - The Sox had six picks and the best they could do were Parque and Biddle? Mercy. Jason Dellaero at short...what the hell happened?

2001 - Covered some of Kris Honel's games at Providence when I was a freelancer. Was thrilled the Sox took him. Would have loved to have seen the local kid make good. If not for arm problems, who knows what might have been?

2005 - Lance Broadway. Have an autographed photo of him that I bought for two bucks at a Sox garage sale hanging in my cube at work.

2008 - Gordon Beckham. Really thought the Sox made a great pick here. Wanted him to be a star. Even bought a Beckham t-shirt/jersey. Never happened.

2009 - Jared Mitchell. Is it time to give up hope on him yet?
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