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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I though Jose' got more than 68 million?

Regarding free agency, it starts this off season for this organization, already you can clearly see areas that need to be improved upon.

I'm still saying 2020 maybe 2021 but if they are this awful next year (with some of the kids on the big league roster) they are going to lose a significant portion of the fan base that has been supporting the rebuild.

They'll want to at least see some progress on the field.
Then those fans are dumb. We aren't even a full calendar year away from the Quintana trade. This rebuild is still in its infancy. The Sox will be bad again next year. They shouldn't be as bad as they have been this year, but they will still be bad. To think otherwise is foolish and shows a lack of understanding in how long this process takes.
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