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Originally Posted by Andrew C White View Post
Like I said...

... the return for 1 year of Machado wasn't all that high. Not enough for the Orioles to decide it was worth more than keeping him.

I suspect the White Sox are in the same position with Abreu and Avi both. On the one hand there are other options at 1B and OF than those two guys which drives down their price and in both cases the White Sox have good reason to value them more than their price is likely to be. Abreu is now, and will be in the future, the leader of this team of youngsters while also being a productive and saleable bat. Avi may well be fore real in which case keeping a young All-Star is probably worth more than other teams are willing to risk on what may be a one-year wonder.

The good news is that keeping them speeds up the rebuild process. The bad news is that not getting the prospects for them, and having a better win-loss record in 2018-2019 as a result of keeping them, means the White Sox won't get as much quality younger talent showing up mid-2020's to help keep a sustained era of winning going.
Can we at least get the current crop here before we worry about the next crop? I mean we've got 8 years to draft and develop the 2025 replacements. Not sure anyone we would get for Avi and Abreu now would still be around at that time. They'd either be gone in Rule 5, already on the team or traded themselves for veterans to put the team over the top for playoff runs as they surely will be forced to do at some point in time.

No way are they trading anyone now for players to develop and be ready in 2023-27. Those players are yet to be drafted or acquired in a few years. It's just too far off to be thinking that way at all.

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