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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
Compared to what?

The Twins spend less than them by far and have a far superior farm system from the bottom up. A farm system is not rated by a handful of good players by anyone other than fantasy baseball players.

But please continue to cling to your delusion that overpaying for prospects is the way to a winning farm system.
Listen to what I'm saying. If you don't have good scouts like the Twins who can consistanly find good talent throughout the draft. Spending money covers that up. You get that top talent that falls or is repped by Boras. You can sign away those guys from strong college commiments or what to return to college.

It seems that every organization in baseball has realized the current gold in baseball is young cheap prospects except the White Sox.

You are truly hilarious. Danks is overrated, but is ripping the **** out of the Arizona Fall League. He also had a solid debut and did well in independent ball prior to signing.
AFL numbers are about as useless as Spring Training numbers. There's a reason Danks fell that far and it had nothing to do with his agent or asking price.
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