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Originally Posted by GoSox2K3 View Post
It's been 5 seasons since the Sox made the playoffs and 5 years since they brought in Buddy Bell to fix their minor league system.

To think that this team is another 5 years away from being a legitimate contender might be pessimistic, but it's not "garbage".

The Sox can spend their way to a possible wild card or "tallest midget" AL Central title rather quickly if they chose to do so, but it would probably mean handing a lot of money to declining veterans. That's not "rebuilding".
Yes, that's one thing I have to agree with munch on, I can't see this team turning it around in a couple of years. Sure you can spend money on a mediocre team and turn it around, but this is a worse than mediocre team with horrible fundamentals throughout and very few pieces to rebuild around. This team doesn't just need a few good players, the entire system needs overhauled.

That said, I would still like them to acquire a few good players for next season and aspire for mediocrity in the short term while rebuilding with a five year plan.
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