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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Samardizija may have better stuff. True. But John Snyder is no example. Come on - the guy had WHIPS in the 1.4 and K rates in the 5 range. Santiago's are equivalent to Samardzija's, even if the stuff isn't.
I never saw the article to which you refer, but I saw the Heyman article that said the opposite. I also only saw one team on Garza hard - and Texas was all over him for sure (Texas' complete disinterest in Peavy perhaps can be explained, and this is purely speculation, by AJ and Peavy's non-relationship on the Sox). But I didn't see anyone else.
The Braves and the Orioles were on Garza. The Orioles went with Feldman because they didn't want to pay. They were never in on Peavy. The Braves, after being linked to Garza, aren't even kicking the tires on Peavy with few other options. It's Peavy who's only been linked to one team, and that's Boston.

The Stark article is in this thread, posted it today.