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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
I always stay out of the Cubs thread but...

You cannot deny the talent/potential of Castro and Rizzo and maybe even Jackson.

Although, I think the Cubs front office messed up calling Jackson up as soon as they did. Now Vitters may be a bust. I feel like he's been in their system for ten years now anyways. As someone already noted, until they have frontline starting pitching they're not going anywhere.

I still cannot believe how easily the Cubs got Rizzo from the Padres. We should make a trade like that. Andrew Cashner? Really? Probably the Hoyer-Padres connection.
The Cubs might have gotten Rizzo based on Hoyer's Padres' connection because the Red Sox gave him up due to Hoyer's Red Sox connection. I recall reading somewhere that some members of the Padres organization thought that Rizzo would never be able to hit at the major league level (or maybe it was just in their park).

The Padres also acquired Yonder Alonso from the Reds which made Rizzo expendable.

Go Sox!!!
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