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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
At 23, I think it is fair to assume they also ran out of gas as the year went on. But just like the huge drop-off so many of the veterans had during the second half, so did Sale/Quintana. Their combined ERA was 4.50 after the All Star game. Also both gave up a lot of home runs 2nd half. Still, they are a nice combo to start rebuilding and certainly Sale has the potential to be this team's number 1 starter for years to come.
The ending season stretch was brutal for everyone. With banged up veterans and kids ending their first or second season. One day off in the last 6 weeks hurt this team bad and having to play a night game in KC and fly to LA that same night to play the next evening toward the end of it didn't help.

Sox went into a funk at the wrong time of the year that's why they are going to be watching from home, but the schedule did them no favors at all this year.

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