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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post

1. Do many Sox fans use the Metra 35th/Lou Jones Station to go to games? Would more frequent or different service patterns, like a later train after night games, or more frequent weekend trains, increase use of the Metra/Rock Island to get to games?

2. Would a Metra station on the other side of the park, where the Metra/Southwest trains run on their way to Union Station, induce more fans from the Southwest suburbs the line serves, to attend games? Would such a station - if the train times were convenient to game times - make it easier for fans that live near the other lines that terminate at Union Station to take Metra to games?

3. At one time Metra was discussing moving that part of the Southwest line to the Rock Island tracks to terminate at LaSalle Street instead of Union. If so, and if train times were convenient to game times, would more fans from the Southwest suburbs the line serves, take the train to games?

The point is that the Sox play within walking distance of two CTA El lines, and one Metra line, and easily could be served by a second nearby Metra line. There aren't many locations other than downtown that are as close to so many lines as where they are now.
I use the Rock Island line when I'm going to a game after work. When it first opened, they ran a special train 1/2 hour after the conclusion of each game. They eliminated that after year one because of low ridership. Now you're stuck with the regular train schedule. Problem with that on weeknights is your options are either 9:51 (have to leave early) or 11:21 (about an hour after final out). Because of that, not many people take the Metra. I wish Metra would consider pushing back the train that leaves LaSalle Street station until 10:00 pm (maybe just during the summer) to accommodate Sox fans, but I'm not sure what that would entail.

I think the Southwest service will eventually move over to the Rock Island tracks. It's been a priority of the congressman (Lipinski) for years. Because of that, and because Metra doesn't own the tracks that the SW line runs on, there likely won't be an additional station built for the SW line.
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