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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Agree with everything you say except that the Sox even if they win will never draw as much as they could with a better location. This a franchise in a major market that has never hit the 3 million mark, came close twice in 1991 and again in 2006. The mindset of many residents in the metro area and of tourists that visit the city is that Sox Park is in a bad area, 99% of Sox fans know that that is a false assumption but try explaining that to the rest of the non-believers. I've been hearing this since the early 50s and it still continues. I have a lot of friends here in Florida who have visited Chicago and took in a game at Wrigley, but not Sox Park. If I was a tourist I would want to take in a game at both.
That being said and as I stated earlier in the thread, the only way the Sox move from where they are is if a new owner finances the whole deal or the Sox move to another city.
Exactly, this is the reality. Chicago is a destination city, and the Sox will never be able take advantage of that in their current location, unless something extraordinary happens.
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