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Oh, and Sale gets an A+ without question.

The kid went above and beyond what anyone could have ever expected from him. I don't care if his numbers dipped in the last month of the season. He was completely dominant the rest of the year. His dominance is the main reason we were even above .500.

Not to mention, the kid gave it his all and battled with whatever stuff his dead arm would supply him. If anyone noticed, he lost his really dominant stuff around the 100 game mark, but that didn't stop him beating the opponent by any means necessary. The last month was beyond his control, his stuff had dropped dramatically, which gives you an idea of how his arm must have felt compared to the beginning of the season.

He was a complete warrior, but unlike Peavy, he shut the opposition down when he needed to.

I feel like I'm rambling, but I guess I can't believe anyone thinks he deserves anything under an A+. He was a 23 year old in his first full season as a starter and he carried this broken down team on his broken down arm for the entire season.

I just hope his arm fully recovers and he starts the season with the same electric stuff he had during the first half of this past year. The Sox need to get some inning eaters around him so they can watch his workload a little better. I don't blame them for going for it all, it was just unfortunate Sale was the guy they had to rely on.
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