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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Or the Sox can deal Fulmer for someone else's "mistake" and hope a change of scenery does both players good...or...........the Sox can actually go out and sign two decent starting pitchers and say "farewell and goodbye" to both Fulmer and Covey. Two guys who to be kind, have shown very, very little in their efforts to make the big leagues.

For the sake of the Sox and "progress" in the rebuild in 2019 they damn well need to do something with the rotation and the bullpen.
Since 2019 is a developmental year anyway, Id rather hang on to Covey and Fulmer and put them in the bullpen as long relievers. They have the stuff to get through an order once, at max effort. We tell them, Youre pitching every third day, 2-3 innings (depending on how long the starter pitches), so just let it fly and dont walk anyone. A long reliever who can shut down the opposition for 2-3 innings is a valuable piece; we might as well see if they are capable of it.
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