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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Sale netted them the number 1 prospect in baseball and a guy who within 10 months was the best pitching prospect in baseball... but they didnít get a premium? Okay.

Eaton netted them two major league caliber starting pitchers, with a third possibly on the way. Still not sure what the problem with this is, because everybody who isnít you said and still says the Nationals significantly overpaid.

You just keep beating the same points into the ground over and over and they keep getting rebutted over and over. Not sure what youíre getting out of it but it kind of negates the point of discussion since you seem so dead set on this particular narrative.
Thank you for saving me the trouble of typing this. Holy cow. Adam Eaton, an oft injured, good defensive, so so offensive player who has been known to be a clubhouse cancer in 2 locations (AZ and Chicago) nets 3 top 100 specs, and now we know 3 guys who will be at one time top 50 or better, and we don't like the move?

I feel like if some posters don't like Rick Hahn, then unless they get Mike Trout back in a trade, Hahn lost the deal.
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