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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
At this point, are we absolutely certain that James Shields won’t be back? 200 “meh” innings actually may be worth more than the $14 million Shields would cost.
I wouldn't be surprised if they declined his option and brought him back on a much smaller deal. I doubt he'll get many sniffs elsewhere around the league, and if he's anything close to serviceable a $2 million salary will be much easier to trade midseason than $14 million.

Rodon, Lopez, Giolito, and Kopech are probably locks to spend most or all of the season in the rotation, but there's not much else in the system other than Covey and maybe Adams that have any chance of making the rotation out of camp, so unless they have any particular free agents in mind it wouldn't shock me at all to see him back in some capacity.

Edit: I guess I could see them giving a Jordan of the Guerrero or Stephens variety a shot next April, but it strikes me as more likely that they fill out the AAA rotation and serve as injury depth with a little upside.
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