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Default Matt Clement?

-I know this sounds crazy but I wouldn't mind this guy in a WSox uniform next season. Before you all flip out hear me out.
-Jose Contreras needs to go. I don't wanna sound disrespectful because he was a key component to our World Series title however we have to decide on loyalty or success. Ideally we could matchup with the Dodgers where 2 bad contracts get moved for each other and each team fills a whole with a Contreras for Furcal deal. Floyd could fill his spot as Floyd showed at the end he might have figured it out.
-Now also it appears Garland could be on his way out. Also people aren't convinced on Jerry Owens. Thats why I propose Garland for Crawford. A good veteran for Tampa to build around if they would spend the money and they have a ton of OF'rs. Crawford could lead-off and man CF.
This is where Clement comes into play. I understand he has missed a season and a half with surgery. However he is a good pitcher, and lots of pitchers have come back with something to prove from surgery and done really well. Look at Loiaza. Also the Sox have a history of bringing in injured players and ressurecting their careers. This would be a low risk high reward situation. If he comes back you get solid results and a bargain salary. If he doesn't you have a few kids looking like they are ready to return.
-Don't go crazy on me if you disagree just something I was thinking about during my boring evening.

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