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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
First off - People at Cubs game are watching the game. I'll give you they're not all living and dying on every single pitch in a 6-0 game, but who other than a moron would? This whole "nobody watches the game up there" attitude is ridiculous. When the entirety of the stadium cheers after a two run double, it can only be explained by the fact that people are watching the game.
Don't be so sure. One of my classmates from medical school was determined to prove that Cubs fans are idiots. His GF (now wife) didn't believe him, so he took her to a Cubs-Reds game (he's a Reds fan). The game featured several lead changes, as well as a mammoth home run by (*gasp*) Adam Dunn. Baseball fan or no, anyone would have enjoyed the action. Unfortunately, at least a few fans weren't paying attention.

Seated directly in front of my friend and his GF was a group of four college-age men. They spent most of the game talking about different cup sizes (women's bra), and one of them made the mistake of hitting on my friend's girlfriend. In the eighth inning, one of them looked at his buddies and said, totally serious, "You know what would be really cool? I've always wanted to see the Cubs play the Reds." Even his friends were amazed he could be so clueless.

Originally Posted by KingXerxes
We White Sox fans don't have a monopoly on irrational baseball devotion. Every team, including the Cubs, has a large group of rabid and knowledgable fans, but the successful teams have an even larger group of casual fans.
I don't dispute this. It's absolutely accurate, and I don't mind casual fans attending games as long as they're paying attention to the action. I don't want to see people talking on their cellphone, nor do I want to hear people talking about their neighbors' awful Christmas decorations that are still up. Maybe I just invest in ear plugs.

Originally Posted by KingXerxes
I just get the feeling some of you guys would rather sit next to a group of empty seats rather than a group of bikini clad knock-outs with less than a total command of baseball strategy.
Not at all. I will happily set next to attractive women in bikinis as long as they're willing to make the afternoon about baseball, as opposed to something else. One of my most favorite memories of attending a baseball game happened the summer after I graduated from college. The woman I was dating at the time had never seen a baseball game and wanted to go, so I happily brought her with me to an Indianapolis Indians game (I lived twenty minutes from Victory Field, where they play).

She spent the entire evening asking me questions about baseball- it's rules, history, etc. By the end of the night, she had a reasonably good grasp of the most basic rules. I had to explain in more detail about things like balks, the infield fly rule, etc. For the rest of the summer, she took every opportunity to watch baseball with me because she thought the game was interesting (it was also a great chance for us to be together, too). Our careers and lives have since taken us to different places, but we've stayed friends, and when we see each other, the conversation always turns to baseball, as she probably knows more about the game now than I do.

Originally Posted by KingXerxes
I'll take the latter, watch the game like always, and have a great time talking with the ladies.
See above.
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