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First off - People at Cubs game are watching the game. I'll give you they're not all living and dying on every single pitch in a 6-0 game, but who other than a moron would? This whole "nobody watches the game up there" attitude is ridiculous. When the entirety of the stadium cheers after a two run double, it can only be explained by the fact that people are watching the game.

We White Sox fans don't have a monopoly on irrational baseball devotion. Every team, including the Cubs, has a large group of rabid and knowledgable fans, but the successful teams have an even larger group of casual fans.

I just get the feeling some of you guys would rather sit next to a group of empty seats rather than a group of bikini clad knock-outs with less than a total command of baseball strategy.

I'll take the latter, watch the game like always, and have a great time talking with the ladies.
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